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How can you Think Local?

1. Shop at local food stores, for local food

Seek out regionally grown food. Seattle has great locally owned grocery stores, co-ops and farmers’ markets. Support local farms: join a community supported agriculture program (CSA).

2. Dine out-of-the-box

Thinking Local is about forming new habits...just make it part of your routine, and it becomes easy!

Embrace Seattle’s huge variety of fantastic locally owned restaurants, many of which specialize in local food. From ultra-fresh seafood, to Northwest cuisine, to ethnic specialties, Seattle has it all.

3. Seek local and be loyal

Check out quality local options for clothing, coffee shops, furniture, pharmacies, hardware, auto shops, entertainment, and more. Find your favorites, and stay loyal to them.

4. Move your money

Move your checking, savings, and loan accounts to a local bank or credit union, where they take fewer financial risks, and your deposits make more capital available for local businesses and residents.

5. Give local

Localize your donation strategy. The Seattle area has thousands of effective non-profits, many of which are working on issues you care deeply about, right here at home.

Next: What else can you do?

Big thanks to the sponsors of Think Local