It is our collective responsibility to protect the city we love by mitigating our environmental impact in every way possible. Seattle Good Business Network works to develop initiatives, and provide resources and programs to help local businesses, organizations, and communities live in a safer and healthier environment.


Visit our Good Business Resource Center where you’ll find a variety of ways to improve your sustainable business practices. 

Are you a part of EnviroStars?

EnviroStars is a free, one-stop hub for Washington businesses to get information, help, and recognition for actions that protect their workplace, the community, and the planet. By joining EnviroStars, businesses have free access to resources and incentives that can help them adopt sustainable practices and get recognized for it.

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What local businesses love about EnviroStars

"As an organic tea manufacturer, sustainability, conservation, and waste reduction are core principles for Choice Organic Teas. EnviroStars has helped us to identify areas where we have already succeeded in reducing our environmental impact as well as enlightened us to city programs and grants to help us further our goals of waste reduction and energy conservation. It’s so important that businesses evaluate their impact on the environment and having EnviroStars as a free resource for Seattle businesses is invaluable."
Anne-Marie Phillips
VP of Sales & Marketing
"When I started my business, I did not realize how supportive of a community we have in Seattle. EnviroStars is a big part of pulling that together and connecting business owners to one another. As we all strive to be as environmentally and socially responsible as we can with our businesses, there are always challenges and this group has been a great space and forum for increasing my ability to embed sustainable growth into my business model."
Molly Ray
Fragrance Designer

Micah Nutt, Co-founder & Distiller (left) and Jason Parker, Co-Founder & President (right)

“It gives a great checklist and good best practices and ideas that a maturing company would want to do, to move towards being more sustainable. You don’t have to invent everything yourself, you don’t have to think of everything and then there’s the support to help get those things in place, and the rewards are great.”
Jason Parker
Co-Founder & President

Past Events

Seattle Made summer pop-up with EnviroStars
Sept. 2018

We partnered with EnviroStars to help raise awareness of sustainable Seattle Made businesses, and help more gain access and insight into how the EnviroStars program can help maintain, and grow their business sustainably. Hosted at Hotel Theodore.

Sustainable Packaging 101: Food and Beverage Edition Feb. 2019

Seattle Made partnered with Modern Species, a sustainable branding and package design agency, to help inform local businesses on upstream decisions (like ethical sourcing, materials, and manufacturing), the use-case considerations (like performance, lifespan, and cost), and the downstream consequences (like consumer behavior, disposal, and recovery) of food service containers and retail food packaging. This event sparked many conversations and helped shed light on some of the challenges and solutions to reducing waste through conscious business choices. 

Circular Economy

A Circular Economy aims to redefine the way we live, work, and do business. It changes our extractive “take, use, and throw away” model, to a more environmentally and socially regenerative one.

Circular Initiatives

Seattle Good Business Network works to build a more ‘circular Seattle’ by helping to de-silo community stakeholders and organizations by making connections where they matter, and closing the loops.

2019 Projects to be announced soon!

Past Events

CHOMP! Local | Upcycle Bazaar Aug. 2018

At King County’s annual fair, Seattle Made upcyclers bring awareness to the importance of the circular economy by showing the community exclusive products made with upcycled materials. Learn more about Chomp! here.

The State of Textile Recycling, Reuse, and Repair | WRED Event | Oct. 2018

Seattle Made members help drive the conversation on global textile waste, and explore solutions created by a circular, textile economy. Hosted as a WRED event (Washington Recycles Everyday) by REI, WA State Recycling Agency, and Zero Waste WA. Learn more here.

Holiday Pop Up Market | Upcycler's Edition
Nov. 2018

Seattle Made partners with Blanton Turner to host a Nov/Dec holiday pop up at the Broadway Market to promote sustainable Seattle Made businesses, and the diversion of materials from the waste stream, during a season of over 25% increase in waste production in the US (source). Seattle Recreative actively engages market-goers to wrap gifts, and build tree ornaments from once-discarded, upcycled materials.

Explore circular economy resources, information, and more on this interactive map!

Explore Seattle’s Circular Economy

An interactive map produced by Kamal Patel