What do our GOOD icons mean?

As we embarked on our membership outreach, we realized that there are many great local businesses and organizations who engage in socially and environmentally-conscious practices but who aren’t 3rd party certified. We wanted a way to recognize those businesses for all the GOOD that they do, so we created the icons below! If you see any of these icons on a member’s listing, you can rest assured that those GOOD practices have been verified by the Seattle Good team.

Community Giving

We want to help local businesses realize that their customers are also their neighbors and community. Community giving encompasses donations made by companies to nonprofits or funds supporting the arts, education, the environment, human services, public benefit, and so forth to foster community involvement. Many companies also have groups of employee volunteers who give their time to help nonprofits.

The businesses and organizations that carry this icon have demonstrated commitment to community giving. To learn more about what your company or organization could do to foster community giving, please contact us.


Co-ops—just like people—can get more done together than anyone can do alone. The good news is that co-ops come in many forms and are more common than you might imagine. They are owned by workers, residents, consumers, farmers, craftspeople, the community, or any combination. What they have in common is that they circulate the benefits back to their member-owners, and these benefits ripple out to the broader community.

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Good for business. Good for Washington. EnviroStars is a free, one-stop hub for Washington businesses to get information, help, and recognition for actions that protect their workplace, the community, and the planet. Led by a large coalition of cities, counties and utilities, EnviroStars links businesses to local environmental programs and incentives that can help them take green actions and get recognized for it. By joining the EnviroStars program, businesses experience more efficiency, lower utility bills, greater comfort, improved worker safety, and a more healthy and productive workplace. Whether your business is just starting to explore greener practices, or you’re looking to take it to the next level, EnviroStars meets your business where it is today. Visit the EnviroStars website for more!

Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing is the process of ensuring the products being sourced are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly and that environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during the sourcing process.

3rd-Party Certifications

At Seattle Good, we’re actively working to create pipelines or pathways for businesses to increase their environmentally and socially sustainable practices and make these goals more attainable and cost effective.

Below we have included a list of the most widely-used and credible 3rd-party certifiers related to our mission. Many of our member businesses and organizations have gone through the extra effort of attaining these certifications, and we wanted to recognize them for it! That’s why you’ll see icons for these organizations including in many of our directory listings. We understand this is not a comprehensive list, so please contact us if there’s a certifier you don’t see that you think we should include!